Technical Information for Bowman Heat Exchangers

Bowman indirect heat exchangers provide a more cost effective and energy efficient means of heating swimming pools as compared to the use of conventional direct fired pool heaters.

Indirect heat exchangers have become increasingly popular in recent years as consumers have come to recognize the benefits of hydronic heating. Hydronic heating is a more comfortable alternative to forced air heating and boilers are the most versatile heating appliances. Hot water boilers provide home heating, and in some cases driveway snowmelt, in the winter months and pool heating in the summer months. They are also used year round to heat domestic hot water.

Based on 180F boiler water temp
Pool Maintained at 83F with 1F/hr heat up

Part Number Pool Capacity Pool Water Flow Boiler Water Flow Boiler Capacity Connections
CN200P 23000 66 15.8 200,000 1″ NPT 1 1/2″ Composite Solvent Weld
CN400P 44500 93 23.8 400,000 1 1/4″ NPT 2″ Composite Solvent Weld
CN650 60000 127 31.7 650,000 1 1/2″ NPT 3″ NPT
CN1000 100000 222 54.5 1,000,000 2″ NPT 3″ NPT
CN1500 156000 330 84.5 1,500,000 2 1/2″ NPT 4″ Flange
CN2000 200000 500 126 2000000 3″ NPT 5″ Flange
CN135Ti 22000 45 10.5 135,000 1″ NPT 1 1/2″ Composite Solvent Weld
CN200Ti 32000 66 15.8 200,000 1″ NPT 1 1/2″ Composite Solvent Weld
CN400Ti 44500 93 23.8 400,000 1 1/4″ NPT 2″ Composite Solvent Weld
CN650TI 60000 127 31.7 650000 1–1/2" NPT 3" NPT
CN200SS 23000 66 15.8 200000 1″ NPT 1 1/2″ Composite Solvent Weld
CN400SS 44500 93 23.8 400000 1 1/4″ NPT 2″ Composite Solvent Weld
CNS200P 32000 66 13.2 200000 1″ NPT 1 1/2″ Composite Solvent Weld
CNS400P 48000 100 19.8 400000 1 1/4″ NPT 2″ Composite Solvent Weld
CNS650 61000 127 25.1 650000 1 1/2″ NPT 3″ NPT

*Model Numbers: EC120-5102-3C, FC100-5103-2C, FG100-5107-2, GL140-5108-2, GK190-5109-3, EC120-5102-2T, EC120-5102-3T, FC100-5103-2T

Unlike direct fired pool heaters, which are tied to either gas or propane lines, our heat exchangers utilize hot water from a boiler to “indirectly” heat swimming pool water. The resulting efficiency of these systems is very high as we are able to take advantage of the efficiency of the boiler. Modern hot water boilers offer efficiencies well over 80% and in some cases efficiencies are greater than 95%.

In addition to the high efficiencies achieved there is an added benefit of reduced wear and therefore longer life for indirect heat exchangers. Typically boilers will provide hot water to the heat exchanger in the 140F to 180F range. At these temperatures the reaction rate of the chlorine or salt with the heat exchanger is fairly low. In contrast the heat source used for direct fired heaters is the flame produced from either the natural gas or propane. The temperature of the flame is several hundred degrees and the reaction rate is significantly elevated. Elevated reaction rates results in shorter product life spans for the internal heat exchangers.

In recent years alternative energy sources such as solar thermal and geothermal have become very popular. These 2 means of heating have grown in popularity and an increasing percentage of our heat exchangers are used to in conjunction with these types of systems. Solar thermal systems are ideal for homes/institutions with swimming pools. On hot summer days the output of these solar systems often exceed their requirements and the excess heat has to be removed from the system. Heat sinks which remove excess heat are referred to as “heat dumps” and swimming pools are the best available heat dumps. The glycol from the solar panels is used to indirectly heat the swimming pool water through the heat exchanger.

Valutech has been in the business of providing heat exchangers for indirect heating of pools and spas for over 20 years.